June 2020 Fishing Report Naples, FL and The Ten Thousand Islands

June was a outstanding month of fishing; the water was hot and so was the bite. As we reopened fully here in Naples, FL more guests arrived to get in on some of the beauty of our area. Hospitality is what I offer here this time of year, with big fish and stories to go home with, like this Bear playing in the river on the way back.Bear

Starting out the month I targeted Sea Trout and Black Drum. The Sea Trout bite has been on fire this month on the incoming tides. I guided my anglers along the flats of the 10K picking these tasty fish off. As we were fishing for Trout I noticed a pattern starting to emerge. My Drum buddies started to return in good numbers. The first one to pick one off was Vincent, with a 15 pounder –  his personal best.VincentDrum

Next Group up was the Prather family out-fishing Dad with Redfish and Drums.

And Todd with the biggest one of the month.ToddDrum

Not only were the Black Drums and Redfish all fired up, but so were the Sharks and the Tarpon. These fish can be big and difficult with 70 percent of them getting away from my anglers. I have been asked multiple times what does it take to land these fish. It’s 20 percent skill and whole lot of luck. But it can be done. Just ask Tommy. (A 13 years old you might recognize from last year teaching his dad how to do it again.)TommyTarpon And Kaylee taking home the trophy of the month with a 125 pounder, as a gift from Dad. She is heading off to the Marines. I think she is going to do just fine.

In the mix of things I was surprised this Father’s Day by a good friend and client. We went out deep on his annual Capt. Vic (aka FishyBuizness) Red Snapper trip. I can say if you’re going to go deep, go with Capt. Vic. He will get you there quick (900HP) and bring you back fully worn out.fayhersday2

What a month! If that was hot, July is already here and off with a bang. I had the pleasure of taking Capt. Debbie Hanson, of She Fishes Too and ESPN Reel Talk Radio, for a Hot day out on the water. If you want to get in on some Bass and Peacock action give her a call. She is one of the best! She can pull Redfish out from the trees, just as well.DebbieRed

I have plenty of openings this month, so give me a call to get in on this action!

Tight Lines,

Captain Jim Fortman


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