Naples, FL and The 10,000 Islands March, April, and May 2020 Fishing Report

Fishing was outstanding in the month of March. We had one of the best Pompano and Sea Trout bites I have seen in some time. My clients were having a blast pulling these fish in on popping corks and jigs. It seemed like everyone in the March was going to bring back dinner. The water quality in the 10K has not been this nice in quite some time.

And then the shut down happened and everyone had to cut their vacations short. I do hope everyone that reads my reports made it through this safely. We all were affected by one thing or another through this glum period in time. So what we did here in SWF?  We cleaned and disinfected everything, and then sheltered in place.

Well that really only lasted for about a week. The weather was just beautiful down here, water quality the best we have seen in 20 years (Kudos to Gov. Ron DeSantis), and temperatures in the mid 80’s. We started doing walk abouts while practicing safe distancing chasing Peacock Bass up and down our local canals and ponds.


A week went by and April I think showed up (kinda lost track of time). Ben and I started getting out and doing some scouting. The waters in the 10K were so welcoming, we practically had it all to ourselves. Black Drum and Snook have been eager to play.

Towards the end of the month the natives were getting restless. Long time client and good friend Mike from Ave Maria joined me for a day out chasing Snook and Shark. Pictured below is Mike’s personal best 7 foot Lemon Shark. Another long time client Frank and his son Jesse had to get out to get some fresh air. We chased the Black Drum up and down the beautiful bays of the 10K Islands. Pictured below is Jesse with his prize.

The first week of May has come and Florida is now opening back up. Resident Snow Bird Lee and his daughter came down from Ohio to make sure everything was all good with his condo. That and to get in on some great action on the outside flats of the 10K Islands. The Sea Trout and Redfish are starting to show up in big numbers.

And more recently Casey and Veronica made a trip down from Tampa, FL to have a little fun in the rain. Not the best conditions but they were chewing. Pictured below is their day of catching.

I hope everyone has pulled through the last 12 weeks and have recovered stronger. The weather is beautiful down here in Naples, FL. We are Open and practicing all safety guidelines. If you would like to get out to some fresh air and sunshine, give me a call and book ya a charter.

Tight Lines,

Captain Jim Fortman


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