July-August 2020 Fishing Report Naples,FL and The Ten Thousand Islands

Summer time fun! July and August were hot, fishing and the weather. The average heat index was 95 degrees with afternoon showers cooling the evenings off and putting the temperatures back into the upper 70’s. Average water temperatures were 88 to 90 degrees slowing the bite in the afternoon. It did make for some great morning fishing and bird watching, pictured below is a beautiful Rosy Spoon Bill that was nice enough to tell Geoff where that Snook was at.

Redfish started stacting up along the mangrove banks. Here is a picture of one that I wrangled out from under a stump.

My long time friend Scott made it off the farm and brought his employee of the month Alberto. Alberto went from how do I use this fishing rod, to this is how it is done boss, catching the biggest Snook of the day at 31 inches.

The Bogue family made the website with this beauty of a Redfish while out on a family funday.

The bite was literally on fire through the months of July and August. Not only were the Snook and Redfish chewing, the Tarpon were going airborne as well. Dinner plates were filled with Mangrove Snapper, a tasty fish that is a big bicatch in the summer months and a notorious bait stealer.

The bite continues to be stronger in the month of September. The water starts to cool from all the rain and the bigger fish start to move in. Here is a sneak peak from the first week. Pictured below is bothers Jordan and Eli trying to outdo each other, there is always a winner

To get in on some great backwater fishing, give me a call to schedule a trip.

Tight Lines,

Captain jim Fortman


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