End of October-Beginning of November

The bite has been outstanding!

We are still seeing good numbers of Trout, Redfish, Black Drum, Snook, and even Tarpon.  The Elusive Tarpon should have removed themselves from the passes by now, but remain prevalent.

Trout have been filling everyone’s coolers over the past two weeks.  I don’t usually guarantee a catch, but after these past few weeks, I might have to rethink.  Here are some pictures of recent Trout catches.

Not only have the Trout been filling the coolers, but we have had many personal firsts.  These firsts may become personal bests.

I had the pleasure of taking Steve and Linda out last week.  Linda is an active fisherwoman.  She booked the charter, hoping to “hook” her hubby, Steve.  Being a merchant marine, I took this challenge seriously.

We started with popping corks.  After the first cast, Steve was “hooked”.  He landed this 20 inch trout you can see above.   Just for reference, pictures don’t do size justice.  Steve is at least 6 foot 7.  I should have known how this day would go.  After catching several Trout, on the outgoing tide, we switched gears.  We headed into the flats to follow the incoming tide.

The incoming tide wasn’t what was predicted.  It fell well short of arrival time. I became AMBITIOUS.  My vessel, with 3 aboard, will go shallower than most.  Risking getting hung up in less than a foot of water, I took the chance.  Boy did it pay off when we reached one of my favorite creek mouthes.  Pictured below is Steve’s first Snook!!!!!  Steve with his 36 inch Snook

Remember, Steve is like 6 foot 7.  This 38 incher was released after 10 minutes of revival.  She swam away on her own accord.  This wasn’t the shocker of the day!

You always hear about the one before.  I can say for a fact.  The largest Snook I have seen in the past 10 years, including my personal best on the Gulf Coast, followed Steve’s bait to the boat.  His exact words were, “Is that an Alligator following my bait?” I don’t know how long it was, but I can tell you the head was at least 10 inches wide.

We fished in that creek mouth for another hour, releasing numerous Black Tips.  They have been abundant.  We decided to move, due to a disturbance in the distance from the oncoming tide.

Moving on to the flat, like a wall of water, the tide was approaching.  This phenomenon is very common with full moons. What was riding in with the tide were the Bulls! Steve’s first cast, into this trophy school of Drums, rewarded him with a 20 inch Black Drum, perfect for dinner. He thought that was the day. Nope!

I repositioned the boat, set him up with another bait, and convinced him to go after another.  Steve’s 3rd cast into the school, brought joy!  He hooked a monster.  Pictured below is Steve fighting and landing this 30+ pound Black Drum. (Caught on an 8 pound J-STick’um rod)  After a 40 minute battle, this beauty was pictured and released.

Other worthy catches from last week  – Not only did we fill the cooler with Trout dinner, but Kim and I released a 35 inch Redfish.

Let’s book a charter. The bite is strong!


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