Post Hurricane Irma Update!

Naples was hit hard. The Everglades and Ten Thousand Islands were hit harder! Our love and prayers go out to everyone that was effected by this powerful hurricane.

I knew the fishery would have many changes and that was evident. Islands grew and islands shrank.  To give you an idea, check out this picutre of White Horse Key.  Before Irma, you could only get 3 or 4 camp sites.  Now you can get about 15-20. For perspective, there is a 22 foot bayboat alongside the isleland.

Whitehorse after Irma

One thing I know.. Even the Calusa Indians knew, after every great storm, the Everglade would be cleand and the fishing would better.

In the last several weeks the Snook bite has been off the hook.  Featured below is my boat mechanic, Andrew Gogan, A&M Marine, and me. We released atleast 12 that we know; we honestly lost count.

Not only have the Snook been off the hook, on a rectent charter, we have seen Tapron we don’t normally see this time of year. On recent chartera with the Richard and the McGuire Family, the Tarpon have been accommodating, on unexpected baits. Waylon, hooking the largest of them all, was quite surprised when he grabbed the rod and tried to set the hook, then noticed a 150 lb. tarpon coming out of the water!  I wish cameras were as fast.  This seamonster battle only lasted 5-6 minutes. The memories will last a lifetime for all that were there. Waylon has a new bucketlist fish.

Kylee, a fourth grader, was the fisherwoman of the day.  She caught 2 trout and two of the fish that were used as bait for her brother’s Redfish. This young lady started out the day not wanting to even touch the fish she caught.  She finished begging to help cut the bait!

An amazing end to a fantastic day.  Kylee took the helm with her mom, as we headed back to port.

Kylee at the helm

To add on, the trout bite has been excellent on our vessel.  I had the great privelage to take out the McGuire family.  On this charter, we were targeting mainly etible fish.  We were luckily enough to jump another Tarpon. It wasn’t as large as Waylon’s, but a show, in deed. The McGuire’s went home with a plentiful Trout dinner.

Fall is here!  Fishing will be amazing.  Redfish, Black Drum, Tripletail, and Trout should be abundant.  Snook and Tarpon will continue to present themselves throug Fall.  We also look forward to the mullet run.  That will bring Shark and other large game fish that consider them prey.

Tight lines to all~~



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