Last Two Weeks of June

During the last two weeks of June, we were still dealing with poor conditions in the backwater islands and bays, caused by the heavy amounts of fresh water in the Everglades and Ten Thousand Islands.  Fish have moved to the outside islands and points. These are proving to be go-to areas, with a great Snook and Redfish bite.

Ralph's Red

Pictured about is my client Ralph. He invited a 21 inch Redfish home for dinner, along with a 12 inch Mangrove Snapper. Both were caught while jigging the outside points of the Ten Thousand Islands.

Shark have been plentiful and aggressive around the passes and just inside the islands. When conditions are really good, we have been able to poke out into Gullivan’s Bay.  The Trout and Pompano have been abundant along sand and grass areas and structured points.

JillyFish Snook

Pictured above is Jill, also known as Jillyfish, holding a beautiful 30 inch Snook.  This beauty was caught and released on one of the outside points in the Ten Thousand Islands.

In other areas of Naples, Ben has been hard at work scouting the neighborhood canals and ponds.  He is chasing the elusive snook and tarpon as they make their freshwater migration.

We expect conditions to continue throughout July.

Wishing you all a happy and safe Independence Day!

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