First Two Weeks of July

First two weeks have been slow due to storms on the coast.  I tried to get in on the American Red Snapper bite offshore, but was shut out by looming storms from every direction.  This allowed me to get caught up in the shop.  Check out the beauties I built this week. J-STick’um Custom Rods and Jigs

The second week of July was much better.  I was able to get back out on the water for some backcountry fishing. Snook and Redfish are still in abundance on the points and deep shorelines. Trout are hanging out on the outside, but not as much on the inside. My favorite species to catch on light tackle showed back up…The Black Drum is a great dinner fare and one of my favorites to eat.  They can be found in the same areas as the Snook and Redfish.

Tarpon and Shark are still making appearances in the backwater bays and flats.  I know of one lucky tarpon that I stalked for at least an hour, on a mudflat.  He was interested, but not hungry.  We watched him gorge himself on the fry.

Morning trips have been productive.  Call me when you’re ready to get in on some of the best action in the Ten Thousand Islands.

Drumming on a Sunday

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