End of June Wrap Up

Did you know that I am a Captain for Hire?  Yes.  If you would like me to captain your boat and put you on fish, let me start with showing you the last two offshore charters I captained. I had the pleasure of going  out with a couple of customers and we filled coolers.  These are the spoils of my riches after 2 days offshore.  We limited on Red Grouper and Snapper.

As far as the backwater bite is concerned, the Tarpon are still being allusive.  With multiple hookups, none have come to the boat. Plenty of takers, but none that would commit.  I’m hoping to change that in the next week or two.

Other noteworthy bites going on have been the Redfish.  They have started to school and are migrating. SeaTrout are everywhere! Also, while beating the bushes of the Mangrove Islands, we have turned up numerous schools of mangrove snapper.

The Snook are all over the beaches. Pictured below is my client, David, on one of my Beach Walk Charters, with one of the line slider Snook.

Beach Snook

After David’s Beach Walk Charter, he was more than eager to check out the inshore bite in the Ten Thousand Islands. We caught numerous SeaTrout.  He was greeted with one of our Mangrove Monsters; keep an eye out for these Jacks.  They provide quite the pleasure on light tackle.

David Cravel

We expect the bite to remain the same; both on and offshore. Give us a call if you would like to book a charter on your boat or ours. Maybe you’d like to take a beach walk or ride through the Everglades.

Tight Lines,

Captain Jim Fortman


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