March Madness 2023 10,000 Islands Naples, Fl Fishing Report

The waters started to warm the last week of February going into March and brought in some big fish. The start of trophy season has begun with large schools of Black Drum(aka mud donkeys), big female Snook, Redfish, Tarpon(aka silver king) and Big Jacks. The water stayed at an average of 76-78 degrees for the month, “perfect temperatures”.

The fishing technique is jigging. Bucktails tipped with shrimp and soft plastic paddle tails worked the magic. The Sea Trout are still in the mix, just not in the numbers of the winter months. In fact they have become food for some of the giants that are moving in.

The color pattern on the swimbaits that I have been using with my clients is the baby Sea Trout pattern and brown & gold. They worked on all of the big fish in the area including the one pictured below, the 150 lb Tarpon.

The Black Drum pictured below moved in on the mudflats doing some clamming which made for some great sight fishing. The hit is like a rock: your bait just stops, you yell out, “I am stuck on a rock.” and then it happens. The drag starts going, rod is bent over, and that little reminder pops into your head that the Captain told on the way out, “Just stay calm”.

Lots of fun happens in March when light tackle fishing is at its finest. Not hot yet weather wise, but the fishing is on fire.

Pictured above are some of the great catches pulled away from the shoreline and one of the biggest Snook of the season, so far. Congrats Gene on the 43″ Snook of a lifetime.

I will be waiting for you on the docks, rigging gear and checking lines twice for your trip. Give a call for booking information. If I do not answer, please leave a message I do return my calls. Thanks for the read.

Tight Lines,

Captain Jim Fortman


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