July and August 2022 Fishing Report for The Ten Thousand Islands Naples, FL

Summer time fishing is hot and so are the temperatures. Water temperatures are hitting highs of 89 and air temperatures are reaching mid 90s. How do we survive? It rains every afternoon, dropping temperatures back to the 80s. For 4 months of the year it does this, firing up the fish almost every morning. Summer time is known to me as trophy season, not the time to fill a cooler of Sea Trout. The fish this time of year are big. Featured pictures below are the kids that where ruling the roost for the first week and a half of July. The adults just could not get the fish out from the shade of the trees.

This time of year is the slow bite time of year. The water is hot and the fish are in the shade. The fish are eating, but just not in a rush. I find myself telling my clients, all morning, to just slow down. Once you slow down, it is fish on. The fish this time of year are sitting in the current waiting for something to come by and then they pounce. I start the morning catching bait and this year there is a lot of it. Once the bait is caught, I use a couple of different drift rigs to present the baits in the current, in a natural state. Nothing to it right? Nope. This is when it is game on! The Snook and Redfish do not want to come out from the shade and the angler needs to do everything right. There is no sugar coating it. A lot of fish are lost and I always hear, “That was fast!” at the end.

In the first 30 minutes of the trip, on the way to the bait spot I am going over tactics on how to land these fish. One bit of advice that I end the conversation with is, “Remain Calm”. This time of year cool heads and a little luck land the trophy fish. Now Jeremiah below is the leader so far this summer; landing the Grand Slam of the Glades. I always suggest a 3/4 day trip this time of year, which allows time to try and catch the 4 (Tarpon, SnooK, Redfish, and Sea Trout) in one trip. Well done Jeremiah with the toughest challenge of the Glades.

For the anglers that like to use artificial lures, mornings are best. I always carry a wide variety of lures this time of year. From beginner to advanced anglers, this type of fishing is fun…fooling a fish to eat something fake. If interested I am always happy to teach the techniques and presentations needed for this type of fishing.

The other type of fishing this time of year is cut baiting. The slowest form of fishing this time of year with some of the best results. As I tell my clients, give it 15 minutes. That is the time it takes to send the scent. Pictured above are the end results.

If you would like to have a summer fishing adventure please give me a call. Thank you for the read.

Tight Lines,

Captain Jim Fortman



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