Winter Fishing Report in the 10,000 Islands and Naples, Fl Dec. 2020 and Jan. 2021

Well it has been a tough fish winter down here in the Sunshine State. We have literally had a cold front every 3 days since the last week of November (well it felt that way). I know it has been laughable to a lot of our northern guest that come to visit us, but us Floridians are just not built for the cold. The average low for the months of December and January were around 45 degrees (air temp) and 65 degrees (water temp), with bouncing temperatures every week. This did make it challenging, but my guest pushed through when the bite was on. Featured below is a picture of a common site this winter. The Sea Trout bite was strong; with some trips catching up to 25 in a half day trip.

We did have a quick warm up that lasted 2 days. Jason was able to land his PB, a 30 inch Snook.

I was able to get out with Kim on another weather window just after my birthday to land my PB Triple Tail. Thank you Carsten for canceling the evening before. It could have been yours.

Other invaders of the islands have been these 10lb to 20lb Jack Crevalles, causing mayhem on the flats. Not the best table fare fish in our waters, but pound for pound one the toughest fighting.

As the water temperatures started stabilizing into January, the Redfish started to show. Andrew and Dan got in on the action on Andrews B-day.

The Drum and Sea Trout bite is still going strong, as I am writing this post the first week of February.

I expect the bite to just get better as we head out of winter and into spring. The water quality has been just amazing and getting better every day. Thank you Gov. Ron. Until my next post.

Tight Lines, Captain jim Fortman

To get in on some of the action, just give me a call at 239-325-7109.

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