Red October 2018 Report

October has been a surprising month for the Redfish species. We have been catching numerous amounts of juvenile Redfish and breeders. Some of these have gone upwards of 33 inches.  We have lost many that were well over that size! Featured below is my long time customer Scott, of Naples Botanicals, getting in on some of the October action. Notice the similarities in the fish and his expression, with this monster!

Other guests have gotten in on the same action.  We have been releasing quite a few; either too short or too long.  Some larger ones have been schooling and getting away, in the last week.  It’s been a great week for the Redfish.

Featured below is Carl and Glenn with their catches.

Other noteworthy species are the Trout and Black Drum.  Both have begun schooling. John, featured below, brought home dinner for the week.

John at the table

Snook and Tarpon are still around. Just like every Fall and Winter, the Shark have started to move in before the Mullet run. Pompano will start moving in soon. I’m predicting this season to be phenomenal. Give me a call if you’d like to get in on some of this Ten Thousand Islands action.

Tight lines,

Captain Jim Fortman


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