End of August – First Week of September 2018 Fishing Report

The month of August had its ups and downs for our area. Fishing down south, in the Ten Thousand Islands, was spectacular. Unfortunately fishing to the north of us was riddled with red tide and blue-green algae. Even though it didn’t directly effect my area, many of my friends and fellow captains took a huge hit. I hope that the Federal Government can get control of the water issues they have created.

Now for the fishing report.  Fishing was ridiculously easy.  Fish that normally would migrate north, stayed due to red tide. In fact, a theory I have but cannot prove, I believe some of the fish that were in the north headed south, also due to the red tide. Here are a couple of pictures from the last few weeks of August. Customers vacationing in the Ft. Myers and Bonita areas came down to get in on some of our fantastic Florida fishing. I was happy to oblige.

Rains started coming in earlier in the mornings, delaying or cancelling some of our trips. But then again, who really wants to go out when the sky looks like this at 7 a.m.. You’ve got to love the Everglades.


The last few weeks have been horrible. One of my biggest fans, my mother- in- law, took ill and passed away. Debby never missed an opportunity to wish me a successful voyage or day at the market, with the “fuzzy things”, as she called my jigs. She always looked forward to hearing my fishing tales. Rest in peace Debby.

I got back on the water on Sunday, with my good friend and boat mechanic, Andrew (A&M Marine Services), to do some run-throughs on the boat and get some good fishing in. Fishing is still outstanding. No red tide and the mullet are schooling along with the Drums.  Everything is swimming. Here are a few pictures from the day.

With Tropical Storm Gordon passing through on the outgoing tide, my hope is that it will take the red tide out with it and give relief to those in Naples and to the north.

Tight lines

Captain Jim Fortman


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