Mid-March 2017

Connor's Black Drum

Well… after the second week of March was completely blown out (pun intended).  We had winds of up to 25 MPH, for 4 days straight. It sure muddied up the waters. I had to move a charter from Tuesday to Thursday.  I can tell ya, the Catfish bite was on fire! (chuckle)   With only one charter, a couple Trout did go home, but we had to work for them. Not what you would expect in the Ten Thousand Islands in March.

The wind subsided coming in to the third week of March.  Connor, pictured above, wanting to learn how to use lures and jigs, as well as learning the art of ultralight fishing, was baptized by fire.  This Black Drum, estimated at 20 pounds, was caught and released after a 25 minute battle.

Throughout the week we found many Sea Trout.  Before the winds picked up on Friday, the Tarpon and Snook started moving back into the bays.  We saw plenty of opportunity for 60-80 pounders.  In addition, many shark (Black Tip and Spinner) were moving into the shallows, most likely chasing the Jack Crevalles, anticipating the bait (Fry), moving into the bays.

Spring is here.  Ten Thousand Islands is a wonderful place to be!  Check your leaders and line capacities. The bigger fish are moving in!

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